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NYC Upcycled Pop-up at Grand Bazaar

April 14, 10 am5 pm.
4 – NYC Upcycled Pop-up

Unique upcycled treasures and creative wonders await you as we celebrate the arrival of spring and the spirit of Earth Day! Come explore our colorful market filled with originality and eco-conscious creativity from the best and most imaginative “upcyclers” in the city, both indoors and outdoors.

Prepare to utter “WOW!” at every turn as you encounter an array of extraordinary items. These skilled artisans have transformed everyday objects into incredible works of art and functionality, creating items that are not just unique but also eco-friendly, and can’t be found easily anywhere.

Explore and take home exceptional finds, such as inventive fashion and accessories, one-of-a-kind lamps ingeniously crafted from musical instruments and vintage cameras, Bluetooth-enabled vintage radios, jewelry made from the most unexpected materials like watch parts or traffic lights, engaging interactive wall art, revived vintage fashion that tells a story, and so much more!

With over 160 independent local vendors, our market is a bustling hub of innovation and sustainable design. Come hungry for unique finds and ready to shop like an insider, immersing yourself in the local artisan community.

Moreover, your visit supports a noble cause. We proudly donate 100% of our profits to four local public schools, benefiting over 2,000 children. By shopping with us, you’re not only celebrating Earth Day and supporting local small businesses, but you’re also making a meaningful contribution to the education of our future generations.

Bring your appetite not just for the unique shopping experience but also for the delightful culinary bites from our artisanal food vendors.

Come out for a day of exploration, inspiration, and meaningful shopping. Celebrate Earth Day by supporting local artisans, embracing sustainability, and making a positive impact on our community!


100 West 77th Street
New York, United States