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Grand Pistachio Presents: Layer The Walls Part II

This event has already taken place.March 11 – 12, 3 – 4:30 pm,
$18-$36 adults; $10 students; $5 ages 5-12; free for children younger than 5

Layer the Walls  is an original  live puppet theater piece for young audiences ages 8 and up, focusing on immigration and universal struggles surrounding discrimination. While visiting the NYC Tenement Museum, the Grand Pistachio creators learned that 40 layers of wallpaper were found on the walls of an old apartment.  Each piece had been applied by a new immigrant family in an attempt to make the space their own – every layer filled with hopes, dreams, and incredible stories of survival.  Inspired by this history, Layer the Walls Part II takes place in a Lower East Side tenement apartment.  As layers of wallpaper are peeled away from the set, stories from Chinese, Jewish and Puerto Rican families are brought to life with shadow puppetry, rod puppets, and half masks.  

P.S. You can enjoy Part II without having seen Part I