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Crypt Gallery at Dream Downtown Unveils “Weedman” Installation in Collaboration with Playboy and Slimesunday

This event has already taken place.Sept. 28, 2023 – Dec. 30, 2023, all day,

The Crypt Gallery at Dream Downtown, the world’s first digital art gallery in the hospitality industry, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of “Weedman,” a compelling new installation by the digital collage sensation, Slimesunday AKA Mike Parisella. This collaboration between Slimesunday and Playboy seeks to redefine the boundaries of art, autonomy, and self-expression.

Evolving from Slimesunday’s iconic digital collage practice, “Weedman” stands as a monumental representation of the artist’s portfolio. In collaboration with Playboy, the piece weaves together resin, cannabis, and a 1982 Playboy sunglasses advertisement featuring Renauld White. Representing the dynamic fusion of past and present, this artwork casts a profound lens on identity, societal stereotypes, and the journey toward autonomy in a constrained world.



355 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011 United States