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Author Talk: Cradles of the Reich

March 25, 3:30 pm5 pm.

National Tour Stop  – Jennifer Coburn, historical fiction author

Germany, 1939. The nation is on the brink of war and Hitler’s plan to create a “master race” of pure-blooded Aryan babies has been launched. The top secret Lebensborn Nazi breeding program is brought to life in Jennifer Coburn’s historical novel Cradles of the Reich, the story of three German women who change the course of one another’s lives.

“Sets high bar for historical fiction…Every historical fiction novel should strive to be this compelling, well-researched and just flat-out good.” ― Associated Press

“I loved Cradles of the Reich, Jennifer Coburn’s fascinating and incredibly well-researched look at this little-known Nazi breeding program and three women whose lives intersect there.” ― Martha Hall Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Lilac Girls

“Jennifer Coburn’s debut historical novel is adept, unforgettable, and brilliantly unsettling!” ― Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network


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