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Stories of Dymphna, legendary medieval Irish Saint, recount her escape from her crazy wicked father accompanied by her Jester, and the Jester’s Wife. Spoiler alert: The Lives of the Saints tells us that the king pursues and beheads Dymphna “because she refused to consent to their brutish passion.” Yet none of these tales explain what became of the Jester and his Wife. Apparently, that couple survived to impart Dymphna’s legend, but no one has told their story. Until now.

The Jester’s Wife, a Dark Ages comedy, follows the couple as confronted by evil and still afraid for their lives they now encounter other perils. Contemplating questions of survival, responsibility, and who gets to tell a story, this play effects an original blend of medieval and distinctly Irish tinges as the Jester’s self-preserving pragmatism and his Wife’s heroic idealism spin out interesting and entertaining moral discussions. The narrative’s examination of mythmaking, martyrdom, and survivor’s guilt mingle together in ways familiar to our present lives.


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