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Teen Time : Science in the House! Meet a Human Space Flight Physicist!

January 19, 4 pm.

Meet a Human Space Flight Physicist!  
Explore our world! In the Science in the House series teens get a chance to meet with all kinds of interesting scientists and other people.  Hear their stories and learn more about their lives and their work. Discover what life as a scientist is like.
Are you interested in a Space Exploration and Human Space Flight?
Meet Adele Luta, Physicist
Resilient in stressful conditions and innovative with available resources, Adele Luta is a Presidential Innovation Fellow and has supported the human spaceflight, defense, and healthcare innovation domains. Adele’s core education is in physics. Some of her most recent roles have included: Astronaut Instructor and Mission Control Center Flight Controller for the Extravehicular Activities Group at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Flight Center.   Adele is also an Exploration Spacewalk Integration Project Manager at Oceaneering International Inc.  Her passion for the STEM field as a young girl has led her to supporting the exploration spacesuit and space vehicle integration for NASA’s next missions to the moon. She encourages young girls to have confidence and not let obstacles get in the way of your dreams.

“As a physicist, I have brought innovation and best practices to the defense, healthcare, and human spaceflight domains for over 18 years.
As an active guest speaker and STEM mentor, I strive to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

What are the next moon mission astronauts going to be wearing?
To get answers to this and many other questions, get ready, explore the world of Human Spaceflight. Check out  our padlet below for more information about Human SpaceFlight and Adele’s work. Be sure to post your questions for her on our padlet below. 

“Check out” this interesting human being (instead of a book).

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