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Tea & Talk with Dona

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Join Dona for an intimate tea tasting, talk & workshop @ The Elk in Nolita. Light pastry bites, bold tea flavors, goodie bundles and more!

In collaboration with The Elk, Dona is inviting you to get educated and enthused about quality tea with an invite only tasting experience. This tea cupping involves a sensory and educational experience introducing tea and tea blends sourced through direct trade from single-origin estates across the world. The format will be broken down into tasting teas and botanicals separately and comparatively to understand the balance of blends and the delicate taste of Assam teas.

Accompanied by curated snacks from The Bakery on Bergen, Dona’s R+D/Educator will give insights into the cultural significance of tea as an art form and a practice.

The event is led by Dona, a woman owned tea brand based in Brooklyn, focussed on thoughtful sourcing for sustainability and equity in spice and tea trade.


228 Mott Street
New York, NY 10012 United States