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Sound Bath Lounge with Daniel Lauter

January 21, noon1:30 pm.

Spark your creativity in the New Year with an immersive sound bath lounge led by integrative sound specialist Daniel Lauter. Enjoy a next-level transformative experience at The Church as you bathe in the immersive sound vibrations. Bring your yoga mats or cushions to lay or sit on. If you wish, come prepared with your sketchbook, canvas, journal, or any other activity, as the sounds will inspire and enhance your creativity during the session. Lay in the bliss of stillness and calm, gently stretch in your favorite restorative pose, quietly brainstorm with friends via text on your latest project with your mind awakened and opened by the sounds or sit and watch this concert of rejuvenating frequencies. The session will begin with a soothing and grounding guided mindfulness meditation to rest and align, followed by the sound bath lounge, and concluding with, under Daniel’s expert guidance, the ability to play specially curated sound tools, including tuning forks, crystal bowls, and Himalayan bowls. The session will last approximately 90 minutes, and all ages are welcome to attend.

Please note that the age range for children is between the ages 7-12. Children should be accompanied by an adult; we encourage parents/caretakers to bring coloring pads or other quiet activities they can enjoy during the sound bath.


48 Madison St
Sag Harbor, NY 11963 United States

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