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Non-judgment Zone with Nellah Mx and her guests

June 9, 6 pm10 pm.

Non-Judgment Zone, a night of untold stories and a book signing party with Nellah Mx and her guests

The event is a book signing of recently published book by Nellah Mx, A Stripper:  From Japan Through Switzerland Into The Deepest Secrets of Her Soul.  It takes place at PHD Rooftop, Dream Hotel NYC on June 9th, 2023, at 6pm.  The aim of the event is to bring awareness to the mental, emotional, and physical damage caused by entertainment industry, stripping, and sex work, create an atmosphere of no judgment where all stories can be shared, and most importantly, demonstrate that transformation into a different lifestyle is possible.  The event is in collaboration with +421 Foundation, a non-for-profit organization that showcases artists of Slovak origin worldwide.

Although Nellah Mx created this event and her book based on her personal experience as a dancer in gentlemen’s clubs, she never considered her story as a unique one; her story represents silent voices of hundreds of women and men in the industry, stories that are usually swept under a rug.  Nellah’s guests, an award-winning actress Katarina Morhacova, an entrepreneur and former stripper Catherine aka Cakey, and a coach and former model Ash, will share their intimate experiences from the entertainment industry with focus on mental and emotional challenges, sexual favors, and the effects of commercialization of a woman’s body. The event will closed with a mini-fashion show and a dance party.

Nellah Mx wrote her book to shed light on the ills of the entertainment industry, a system of exploitation and degradation of people, especially young women.   She points out misconceptions related to sex work such as that entering the industry voluntarily and making money does not mean there is no detrimental effect on a person, traumatic experiences, or no need for help.  Most sex workers and dancers end up addicted to alcohol and drugs, emotionally and mentally numb, and with no plan for the future.  The industry does not affect only people who are directly involved in it; it affects families and friends, and consequently, the whole society.

“Almost every day, I have people whose family members got into the night life industry coming to me, expressing their concerns and helplessness, trying to get their sisters, nieces, daughters, friends out of it, but their efforts are usually not met with positive responses.  When I entered the industry, I wish somebody would tell me what the job really entails.  In fact, there is no job description, and even if there are some rules set up, they are there just to be broken the next minute.  We are here to create a better world for our young generation, a world where is no place for a system that values money more than a human life.”

Nellah Mx is an exotic dancer turned psychologist, coach, bestselling author and lifelong writer. She weaves in her psychology background by introducing topics of cognitive and behavioral transformation, spirituality, trauma processing and personality analysis in her writings. With over a decade of clinical experience, she has worked with those on the edge of society—think mentally ill and those with a criminal history. Her book made ripples by shedding light on this untouched industry of sex trade; seeing young women in the industry being exploited, sexually abused, raped, beaten, and killed brought Nellah to the decision to reveal her story and publish her book.  She leans on her experience as a stripper to advocate for women’s rights, mental health, and bring awareness to stimulate societal changes.

If you are interested in working with Nellah Mx, do not hesitate to contact her by any of these means:

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