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Moonchildren, The Opera – Remember How to Fly!

June 3, 7 pm9:30 pm.


Moonchildren, The Opera –

Remember How to Fly!


Artstrong, at 7pm on June 3rd, 2023 at the 15th Street Meeting House at 15 Rutherford Place, NY, NY 10003 presents Christopher Sears’s original composition, Moonchildren,The Opera.

Chris is an extraterrestrial talent. He has the voice of a sultry siren

and the comic sensibility of one of the greats -Stevie Walker Webb (Director)

Moonchildren, the Opera, a tour de force with four characters, archetypes, if you will, of the creative soul: the Moon, the Fool, Grace the beggar woman, and the Man, who seeks freedom from the gravity of the clock. Played on pianos, cello, guitar, accordion and kick drum with layered harmony and chorus. Runs 90 minutes.

“had my head exploding with …

the urgency and snark of Bertold Brecht , 

the wild eyed melodies & harmonies of Queen &

the poetry & heartbreak of Leonard Cohen.”

-Jane Kaczmarek (Actor)

Written, composed by Christopher Sears starring bandmates Sienna Sears as Grace, Adrian Enscoe as the Fool, Sydney Shepherd as the Moon, & Christopher Sears as the Man.  Directed by Edie Avioli, with lighting design by Richard Dent.

“The opera is a constantly surprising,

lift-us-out-of-our-seats, musical joy ride.

If you get  the chance to experience it live, DO NOT MISS IT.”

-Peter Hedges (Writer)

Moonchildren, the Opera is supported by Artstrong, a 501c3 non-for-profit organization whose mission is to create, present and produce dynamic theater and music programs emphasizing live performance. The production has also been given generous sponsorship by the New York Quarterly Meeting’s Welcoming Committee that is providing the hospitable and communal space of the 15th St Meeting House.

Cast: Christopher Sears, Sienna Sears, Adrian Enscoe, & Sydney Shepherd

Christopher Sears
Sienna Sears
Adrian Enscoe
Sydney Shepherd

Additional Cast/Choir -AKA- Men On The Benches:

Charles Sears, Alyssa Dann, Regina Strayhorn, Brandon Smith, Larry Darnell, Scott Sears, Opa Adeyemo, Ben Moniz, Lakis Pavlou, Chris Weihert

Creative Team:

Edie Avioli, Director
Scott Sears, Exec Director

Richard Dent, Lighting Designer


Brooklyn Meeting’s Welcoming Committee – Contact  Mahayana Landowne

New York Quarterly Meeting

Ticket Information

Tickets – $20 for general admission  — To purchase online