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Martha Hill: Changing the Face of Dance

April 19, 6:30 pm8 pm.
April 19, 2023- 1938hilldancingbouchard2

This event explores the legacy of the visionary dance educator Martha Hill, who founded groundbreaking programs at New York University, Bennington College, and Juilliard, profoundly shaping the course of dance in higher education in the 20th century and beyond. Her many, many students have gone on to extraordinary careers where they continue to shape the course of dance training and performance. Excerpts from the documentary Miss Hill Making Dance Matter, directed by Greg Vander Veer, will begin the program and will be followed by reflections of several of her former students on how Martha Hill influenced their lives and careers as they carry dance and dance education into the 21st century.

Photo credit: Thomas Bouchard


15 Gramercy Park South
New York, 10003