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International Contemporary Ensemble: World Premieres & Recent Works

April 3, 7:30 pm9 pm.

The International Contemporary Ensemble presents world premieres by Bonita Oliver and Sylvain Souklaye, both commissioned artists in the Ensemble’s “Call for ____” program. 75 minutes, with a brief pause

Bonita Oliver: For Namesake (2024, World Premiere, commissioned by ICE)

Sylvain Souklaye: What is left inside? (2024, World Premiere, commissioned by ICE)

Fay Victor: BassoonIIBassoon (2021)

Cathy Berberian: Stripsody (1966)

Nathan Davis & Clara Warnaar: Percussion Duo (2024, World Premiere)

Fay Victor | Voice

Alice Teyssier | Voice/Flute

Eric Umble | Clarinet

Rebekah Heller | Bassoon

Varun Rangaswamy | Bassoon 

Nathan Davis | Percussion

Clara Warnaar | Percussion 

Sylvain Souklaye | Performer 

Nicholas Houfek | Lighting Designer 

Composers | Bonita Oliver, Sylvain Souklaye, Fay Victor, Cathy Berberian, Nathan Davis & Clara Warnaar

Bonita Oliver’s For Namesake is a sonic reflection on surnames- how last names map out stories of migration and power dynamics, how those names have impacted the people who hold them and their imprints on the earth. This work is an invitation to look into one’s own surname journey with curiosity and intention.

Sylvain Souklaye’s What is left inside? focuses on the origin of language and the discovery of phrases—creating a sociological experience for the audience. 

Other featured works include a new percussion duo created by Nathan Davis and Clara Warnaar, a bassoon duo by Fay Victor performed by Varun Rangaswamy and Rebekah Heller. Alice Teyssier and Fay Victor will also perform a duo version of Cathy Berberian’s Stripsody.