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Hide and Seek, a new play by Dena Levin

This event has already taken place.June 11, 2 – 4 pm.
Free admission. Seating is limited.
“Hide and Seek” is a play about David, a sixteen-year-old, in the process of coming to terms with his sexuality.  Adolescence is a difficult time for most teenagers, and it is for David. Sharing wonderful times with his Aunt Liz, David becomes aware how people have overcome challenges in their lives. He becomes enlightened and learns how he will navigate his life even with an obstacle in his own life, his father!
With: Sasha Henriques, Griffin Ostrowski, Gus Ferrara, Noah Kleinberg, Julia Genoveva and Tess Chadwick.  Johnny Culver  as director.
Free admission. Seating is limited.