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Dust and Ions

This event has already taken place.May 7, 8 – 10 pm.
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We’ve always given stories to the stars, and Dust and Ions takes that a step further: combining Alex Wakim’s original music with poetry and dance in order to understand the world around us, particularly the search for beauty in a corrupted world. Check out a trailer for this concert experience here.

Dust and Ions is a 90-minute show featuring music rooted in Wakim’s original album, Dust and Ions, including 30-minutes of new music and all-new arrangements. This is combined with award-winning writer, Yara Zgheib, narrating her original poetry, and incredible movement choreographed by Erika Keller and performed by several dancers – all merged together to create a concert experience you’ll never forget. Jeffrey Charles Palmer will join for special vocal performances.

Merch will be available at the venue, as well as exclusive paintings by Eve Cole. The show is taking place at the Ailey Citigroup Theater May 6th and May 7th at 8:00 PM. VIP Ticket-holders will be invited to the cast party following both performanes.

15% of proceeds will go towards cancer treatment for children in Lebanon via the Kid’s First Association.

More about the show from Yara:

On a July night in 2020, a comet streaked over the Earth’s northern hemisphere. Those who looked up saw something no one else would for the next 7,000 years: Dust and Ions, infinite sky-showering, shimmering stars. On an August night, that same year, the Beirut port exploded.

Hundreds killed, thousands injured, millions of hearts decimated, and every day, millions of worlds end in millions of other places,

and “we are all in the gutter,” Oscar Wilde said, “but some of us…”

choose to look up and see and love and believe in stars, and get into cars and chase after comets, and write songs and poems. Alex wrote an anthem for beauty that crosses skies, transcends borders, pandemics, wars, and the limits of our tiny lives. It’s magnificent, expansive. I just added a few verses.


405 W. 55 St.
New York, United States