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“Dances I Love”

$40; $25 for students/srs

Audrey Ross shares “Dances I Love,” favorite older and new dances, including Ane Arrieta, a member of the Graham II company, performing “Glass” by Lorn MacDougal; Donna Clark in “Narcissus Rising” by Eleo Pomare; Christine Dakin in “Short Story” by Jaime Blanc; Margie Gillis in her dance “Bloom”; Lydia Johnson Dance in an excerpt for 10 women from her “Clearing”; Valentina Kozlova in her new “Til Then”; and Daphne Lee, member of Dance Theatre of Harlem, in “Apre le Mardi Gras” by Janet Collins.


150 E. 76 St.
Bronx, United States