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Black History Month 2023: WORDS INTO ACTION

February 11, 3 pm5 pm.
2023 BHM Leaflet

Radical writers of color will present bold strategies for a revived freedom struggle. Open discussion to follow. All are welcome.

At this juncture where the BLM upsurge has waned, what is needed to move the struggle forward? These two new documents provide analysis and proposals for how to build a multiracial movement led by militant Black workers, women and LGBTQ+ folks that can fight for reparations and ultimately end police violence and systemic racism.

Featured author & speaker

Emily Woo Yamasaki -Yamasaki’s commitment to the Black movement and reparations is inseparably linked with her longstanding fight to win racial justice for all. As coordinator of the National Comrades of Color Caucus of Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women, she collaborates with a team representing diverse identities and backgrounds.

Chair: Lee Gill, African American writer and organizer with NYC Campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board

Sat., February 11 • 3:00pm

Social hour 2pm • Refreshments available for donation

Freedom Hall, 113 W. 128th St., Harlem

Near Malcolm X Blvd. • Subways #2/3 to 125th St. • Childcare provided

Zoom option: register at tinyurl.com/BHMFreedomHall

Hosted by National Comrades of Color Caucus of Freedom Socialist Party & Radical Women Information: 212-222-0633 • [email protected] • socialism.com • Order from RedLetterPress.org


113 West 128th Street
New York, NY 10027 United States

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