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8th Annual Early Childhood Enrollment Event

February 17, noon4 pm.

Meet with representatives from local PreK programs who will answer questions about the experience for children and enrollment and get free museum admission!

The Early Learn Environment Working Group will connect with families with children 0-4 years old seeking childcare, resources and support as their children start to enter into Early Childhood Programs. Families will be able to:
  • Enroll or complete applications for children to attend Early Childhood programs, 3K and PreK programs, with assistance provided by United Network for Early Childhood Education Team.
  • Meet with and learn about Staten Island Early Childhood Programs
  • Engage in simulated classroom activities provided by Dolores Reig and her team.
  • Engage in cooking classes
  • Read aloud activities with Literacy In Community
  • Access resources for children 0-4 years old.
  • Get free snacks, enter giveaways, win prizes and more
  • Get free museum admission for the day
The new Early Intervention section will give families access to supports and resources, such as:
  • How to refer their child to Early Intervention Services.
  • Their Rights during the process of each stage.
  • Introduce and learn how to use the ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaires) Calculator via their own phones.
  • Connect with agencies and programs that support families through the Early Intervention Process

Get your tickets here. Registration is required.


1000 Richmond Terr.
Staten Island, NY United States