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2023 Tribeca Festival – Tribeca Games & Immersive Experience

This event has already taken place.June 9 – 17, 11 am – 8 pm,
The 2023 Tribeca Festival Games & Immersive Experience is a showcase celebrating the emergence of new forms of entertainment: games that can be played at home, on the street, or in modern-day galleries, alongside the latest 3D works from world-renowned XR artists who demonstrate how immersive tech can leverage thought-provoking social statements.
This year’s Games program features 7 official selections that demonstrate potential in phenomenal storytelling and innovation through interactive experiences:
  • A Highland Song (United Kingdom) – Developer: inkle Studios
  • Chants of Sennaar (France) – Developer: Rundisc / Publisher: Focus Entertainment
  • Despelote (New York, Ecuador) – Developers: Julián Cordero, Sebastián Valbuena, Gabe Cuzzillo, Ian Berman, Niall Tessier-Lavigne / Publisher: Panic
  • Goodbye Volcano High (Canada, United States) – Developer & publisher: KO_OP
  • Nightscape (Qatar) – Developer: Mezan Studios
  • Stray Gods (Australia) – Developer: Summerfall Studios / Publisher: Humble Games
  • The Expanse: A Telltale Series (United States) – Developer: Deck Nine / Publisher: Telltale Games

This year’s Immersive program features 13 VR, AR, XR and participatory experiences that push the technological boundaries of immersive storytelling, divided into two categories (Main Competition, New Voices):


  • Emojiii (Netherlands) – Director: Steye Hallema / Producer: The Smartphone Orchestra
  • In Search of Time (France, United States) – Directors: Pierre Zandrowicz, Matthew Tierney / Producers: Atlas V, Pressman Film
  • Kinfolk: Black Lands (United States) – Director: Idris Brewster / Producer: Kinfolk
  • Monstrorama (France) – Directors: Clément Deneux, Emilie Valentin / Producer: Atlas V
  • Pixel Ripped 1978 (Brazil) – Director: Ana Ribeiro / Producers: Arvore, Atari
  • The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend (United Kingdom) – Director: Eloise Singer / Producer: Singer Studios


  • Colored (France, Taiwan, ROC) – Directors: Pierre-Alain Giraud, Stéphane Foenkinos, Tania de Montaigne / Producers: Novaya, Centre Pompidou
  • Fortune (France) – Directors: Claire Meinhard, Nicolas Bourniquel / Producers: Atlas V, ARTE France
  • Maya: The Birth (Chapter 1) (United Kingdom, France, United States, India) – Directors: Poulomi Basu, CJ Clarke / Producers: Floréal, JAPC, Meta, France Télévisions
  • Meneath: The Mirrors of Ethics (Canada) – Director: Terril Calder / Producer: National Film Board of Canada
  • Over The Rainbow (Taiwan, ROC) – Director: Craig Quintero / Producer: Riverbed Theatre Company
  • REIMAGINED VOL II: MAHAL (United States) – Director: Michaela Ternasky-Holland / Producer: Very Cavaliere, Meta
  • The Fury (Denmark, United States) – Director: Shirin Neshat / Producers: Khora Contemporary, Shoja Azari